Sleek, Streamlined Interface

HistoryIT’s interface is simple and straightforward, leading users through the data-entry process and assuring that metadata meet the standards that their organizations require. The sophisticated technology behind HistoryIT supports history organizations without technological infrastructure, as well as those institutions that seek to maintain or expand their already comprehensive digital resources and online presence. With HistoryIT, robust collection management tools are available from any computer or tablet with Internet access. All that’s needed to design, manage, and post your collection to the web is a web-enabled computer and a HistoryIT account. No servers required. No knowledge of coding or programming experience necessary. No technology staff.

Customized Archival Design and Organization

A unique feature of HistoryIT is the program’s ability to let users define the structures of their collection templates without having to adhere to rigid standards of archival organization. Other programs require users to select from a limited list of collection types. HistoryIT users may select a standard template and alter it (or not), or start from scratch and define their own structures. HistoryIT users can further customize their program by importing standard subject and name tags from the Library of Congress, and then adding their own keywords and identifiers to that list. At each level of the collection, users may elect to make the material publicly available on their web site or to restrict viewing to those inside the physical archive.

Multimedia Files and Searchable Transcripts

With HistoryIT, collection managers can attach as many digital multimedia files (photographs, scans of documents, video files, etc.) to an item as they wish; and to each of those digital items, they can attach transcripts, so that the words in the file become fully searchable. The program will automatically create transcripts from any text on the file and managers can then edit or add to those transcripts.

Public Website Development Tools

HistoryIT can be used to create your own digital collection website and share your materials online. With easy-to-use web development tools, you can create customized advanced searches, public galleries, digital exhibits and much more!